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Renew Spaces: Wollongong Central

Renew Australia has launched the Renew Wollongong project to revitalise the CBD by changing empty spaces into creative places.

Renew Australia is a national not-for-profit social enterprise that works to support communities around Australia to adapt and apply the ground-breaking model developed by the multi award winning project pioneered by Renew Newcastle. Renew Australia has now secured support and funding from Wollongong City Council to run a Renew Wollongong project. The project will focus on lower Crown Street Mall and the city block bounded by Crown, Keira, Burelli and Atchison Streets. Renew Wollongong will activate commercial vacancies by incubating short-term uses by creative enterprises and independent local businesses on rent-free basis via a rolling 30-day license.

If you are a business/retailer click on this link for more information about the Renew Wollongong Project.

Keep up to date with this project by following the Renew Wollongong Facebook page or for more specific enquiries email

Wollongong Central
Crown Street Mall,
Wollongong NSW 2500
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