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Properties Ready to Launch with Renew Geelong

Property Partner Market Square


Properties ready to launch with Renew Geelong

Renew Australia is delighted to confirm Market Square and Up Property as the first property partners for the Renew Geelong project.

Commercial spaces from both Market Square and the Belcher Arcade will be amongst the first properties activated by creative projects and social initiatives for the Renew Geelong Project, supported by the Victorian Government and the City of Greater Geelong. Renew will be working closely with both Market Square, Centre Management and Up Property to match projects to spaces across the Shopping Centre and the Belcher Arcade, transforming up to seven properties over the coming months.

Market Square is located in the heart of Central Geelong offering over 80 fashion, health & beauty, food, services, electronics and homewares retailers. The Centre is bordered by Moorabool, Malop, Little Malop and Yarra Streets, with a number of shops facing the street selected for participation in the Renew project.

The Renew Concept Space will be located at 105 -107 Moorabool Street and will host a number of creative projects within the collaborative space. The Concept Space will officially open its doors on 23 August 2018.

Belcher Arcade is destined for a redevelopment, with Up Property planning to breathe new life into the two-level arcade, transforming it into a modern location which may include mix of office, retail and hospitality spaces. In its current condition, the arcade will provide the chance for up to five potential new innovative businesses and projects to thrive as part of the new Renew Geelong initiative.

Up Property is a Melbourne based boutique real estate investment company. With a focus on both commercial property investment and residential development, their expertise lies in identifying, acquiring and managing real estate opportunities that offer compelling upside potential. Having long seen Geelong as a favourable location for investment, Up Property purchased their first property in Geelong back in 2004. Since then they have been prominent investors and developers both in the Geelong CBD and surrounding suburbs, most recently securing the new head office for the Geelong Advertiser.

Renew Geelong, delivered by Renew Australia, is an urban renewal scheme that aims to fill empty buildings and spaces to bring new life to under-utilized and under-appreciated precincts, while simultaneously providing emerging creatives, artists and performers with a forum for showcasing their talent.

A not-for-profit social enterprise, Renew Geelong is funded by the City of Greater Geelong and the Victorian Government to match spaces to projects and ensure that potential tenants compliment surrounding businesses.

Property owners and agents are encouraged to contact Renew Geelong if they are interest in the activation of vacant commercial properties