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Renew Australia works with broader revitalisation and placemaking initiatives to bring towns and mainstreets to life.

We support communities and property owners in making their vacant shops, offices, and buildings available rent free or low cost to artists, creative projects, start-up businesses and community initiatives.

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projects and participants around Australia

Revitalising spaces

Renew Australia is a national social enterprise. Our goal is to create opportunities for artists, creatives, and social enterprises, and bring life and activity to streets and towns while doing so.

Our services include:
- Scoping and feasibility studies
- Managed Renew Australia projects
- DIY projects in our Affiliate program
- Consultant services

Our projects:
- promote community renewal,
- increase activity and foot-traffic,
- use specialised contracts and insurance,
- generate opportunities for creative and start-up businesses, not-for-profits, and social enterprises
- compliment, not compete with, local businesses and traders
- are all different - each Renew Project is tailored to needs of the street, precinct, town or city in which it is based

Renew Australia is an apolitical organisation. We’re not part of the government nor do we have an allegiance to any political party. We work alongside government departments and private sector entities such as:
- Economic Development departments,
- Arts and Cultural services,
- City Centre Management teams,
- Council Placemakers,
- Creative Placemakers
- Traders associations
- Property Developers
- Shopping Centres

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Being part of the Docklands Art Collective has allowed me to expand my practice and level of participation in the local art scene. It has helped foster the voices of a number of artists and their creative development.

- Crowther Contemporary, Docklands Art Collective
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