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Creative CBD Toowoomba is Launched!

Around Australia, main streets and town centres are facing many challenges: the changing nature of consumer habits and a growing trend of online shopping has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis. Despite this, we know these centres are the heart of many communities. These places draw people from all walks of life together to gather, socialise and support one another. Within these activity centres, local businesses cluster to service retail needs, as well as represent the cultural values of a town, often underpinning the town’s distinct identity that empowers a proud and connected community.

An initiative of Toowoomba Regional Council, using the Renew Australia model, the Creative CBD Toowoomba program will see emerging businesses gain access to vacant commercial spaces in the CBD, supporting them to transition to commercial operations while increasing the diversity of offerings in the City Centre. This initiative will deliver on many of Toowoomba Region’s economic development priorities, contributing to a renewed, vibrant CBD, with increased foot traffic for existing and potential main street retailers and promotion of Toowoomba’s liveability and beating heart.

A key principal of the Renew model is to “complement not compete” so that all businesses in the vicinity benefit from increased patronage from the program. Local creatives and start-up businesses will have an opportunity to trial their ideas in brick-and-mortar locations, further refining their business offerings/model before taking on the risk of a commercial space.

Are you a property owner or agent?

The Creative CBD Toowoomba program benefits landowners by increasing visibility of their vacant property to potential commercial tenants or purchasers, while it is occupied by an emerging business, supporting business incubation and contributing to the vibrancy of Toowoomba’s heart. By allowing creative entrepreneurs and start-ups to access your space, your property will be open and cared for, reducing the chance of vandalism, increasing the appeal of the property and assisting potential long-term tenants to visualise their own business in the space. The ‘for sale/lease’ sign stays in the window so that you can actively market and promote your property as an engaging space. For more information about the program, contact Eloise on 0409 569 377 or

Are you a creative or entrepreneur?

The Creative CBD Toowoomba program is transforming empty spaces into vibrant places in Toowoomba’s CBD. If you create or make your own wares or IP, you may qualify for participation in this exciting program. Let us know about your great idea by completing the expression of interest form at: Expression Of Interest.