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Renew Participants: Blackspace Creative

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultural hub Blackspace Creative has officially moved into a physical store, opening their doors on Friday after nearly six weeks of effort as part of the program brought about by Burnie 2.0, Renew Australia and Business North West’s.

Spend some time getting to know all the creatives within the  Blackspace Creatives, each of which shares with you ancient, cultural knowledges that have been sustained and passed down for thousand upon thousands of years.

The creative’s cultural works are an extension of themselves, learn about what you are buying and how these items may have been used by our Old People. Think about why it is important for us to continue these cultural practices and how this connects us to Country and our ancestors.

Founder Caleb Nichols-Mansell said it was a big step for his organisation, but that it was only the beginning of his ambitious plans.

“Predominantly, our business started out as an online business, and it was always going to be an online business,” he said.


Image by Brodie Weeding

Caleb Nichols-Mansell by Brodie Weeding