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Renew Participants: Chris Bowes – Projections On Collins


As part of the Renew Docklands program, the following activation is one of several projection sites in the area that offers a platform for digital media creatives and artists. 

This series of projections aims to bring vibrancy and buzz back to the streets of Docklands, and showcases local artists and creators working with the latest in visual and projection technologies.



Feedback is a generative artwork created by a webcam watching the screen on which the webcam’s video feed is displayed. The system becomes trapped within a cycle of cause and effect, causing the image to quickly dissolve into a hypnotic dance of pulsating pixels.

As the computer attempts to make sense of what it sees it gets caught in a loop, trying to both produce and reproduce an image at the same time.Through this internal struggle, the system switches from something that watches passively to instead become something which is reactionary, and indoing so appears to come alive.


Chris Bowes

Chris Bowes is a photographer, artist and educator based in Naarm (Melbourne).

His art practice incorporates elements of photography, video, and installation, where he creates glitches in image-based systems by manipulating the hardware and software that lies beneath them. His works often centre around portraiture and are influenced by the history of digital imaging technology and how images drive our understanding of, and participation in, the modern world.

Outside of his arts practice, Chris works as a photographer in the field of artwork and exhibition documentation. He also teaches at RMIT, where he specialises in alternative and experimental photo-media, and in his own photography workshop business Kindred Cameras.