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Renew Participants: Collide Public Art Initiative

Collide, create and collaborate.

Collide is a public art initiative at the intersection of art and architecture. Collide research, design and facilitate artworks in public places, which can include temporary works, residency-based research, exhibitions, events and even large-scale permanent works created in collaboration with governments, developers and architects.

Working with individual artists, curators and galleries, Collide serves as a conduit between these parties to foster urban storytelling, meaningful placemaking and inspired communities.


ColliderSpace is an experimental space that showcases a rotating selection of projection art pieces generated by Collide and local Melbourne artists.

The space allows for artists to experiment with a range of new technologies, ranging from holographic screens to the latest architectural material and printing technologies.

Scan here to find out more about the latest installation at ColliderSpace featuring Juan Rodriguez Sandoval!