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Renew Participants: Golden Orb Collective

27 Shields Street, Cairns, QLD

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The Golden Orb Collective is located in a challenging part of the street, next to a 24/7 convenience store that is an all-hours hub. Despite its location, a creative studio, workshop and retail space has been successfully established and is operated by three primary artists whose work is accompanied by selected local makers.

The studio space supports a wide range of artistic endeavours including wearable art, handmade paper, custom stamps, ceramics, macramé, jewelry, painters and photographers. The collective embraces the community by offering the space as a creative hub, hosting regular art and craft workshops, collaborating and sharing skills with members of the community.

A retail section sells and displays handmade items from the collective and other local artists and aims to offer quite niche, one of a kind works that would not be similar to other offers in the area. The Golden Orb has curated a professional, warm aesthetically beautiful space featuring good design, plants and art.