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Renew Projects: Campbelltown Spaces Scoping Study

Campbelltown City Council has partnered with Renew Australia to implement ‘Campbelltown Spaces’ – a project designed to activate the vacant shopfronts in the Queen Street precinct, increase the diversity of products and services, encourage new and repeat visitation, and support the local creative and entrepreneurial community.

Working with the Campbelltown community, Renew will conduct three surveys to collect feedback from three key stakeholder groups:

The feedback from these surveys will assist Renew Australia and Council to better understand if an appetite exists to initiate a Renew Australia activation project in the Queen Street precinct. If there is an appetite, Renew Australia will work with property managers, owners and agents to activate vacant spaces with creative enterprises on a rent-free or low rent 30-day rolling licences.

The Renew Australia project will provide space for new and creative enterprises to trial an idea with minimal overheads in otherwise vacant space. This process not only provides visible creative space, it encourages and displays a new form of use in traditional mainstreets and precincts that encourage community engagement and activity.

Should you have any questions regarding these surveys, please contact Renew Australia via email and we will be happy to discuss the survey further with you.