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Wheels n Decks

‘…I wanted to be a risk taker…that’s why I gravitated towards skateboarding…’

Darren Winter

Wheels n Decks materialised after we discovered Unemployable, the magnificent tome celebrating Globe International Limited, their supersonic impact in skateboarding worldwide, and how they took Australia with them to the podium.

5 films showcase a skate journey across multi generations of some of our local folk who propelled outlier pastimes skating carparks and swimming pools into a spotlight of half-pipes, big bowls and global recognition.

Visit the Wheel n Decks windows along Fitzroy Street to soak up smashing comps, spiralling decks, and skimming our own sunset strips…tales of skate culture from here and beyond.

Wheels n Decks is the 3rd iteration of Aperture, a moving image program co-curated by Renew Australia and St Kilda Film Festival.

Many thanks to:

Max Bardas, Bastien Clark, Joe Fitzgerald, Charlotte & Russell Frajman, Black Lamb, Roser Pie, Darren Winter.

Enjoy some of the videos used in Wheels n Decks:

St Kilda Skateboarding Arvo. Film by Roser Pie.

Park Rats – New generation St Kilda skate parkers. Film by Max Bardas.

Elwood Days Revisited. Film by Black Lamb

Tic Tac 2 Heelflip film by Globe

View the Wheels n Decks launch video by the team at Black Lamb.

Click here to listen to this interview on Joy FM featuring Renew Fitzroy St project manager Mish Eisen and St Kilda Film Festival Director Richard Sowada.