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Scoping Studies

Renew Australia tailors its program to the individual needs of each town and community, and methodically assesses the feasibility of running a Renew style project. These initial Scoping Studies aim to:

  • Engage with local owners, property representatives and vital stakeholders of the region
  • Map all known vacancies of the area
  • Connect with local creatives, artists, local businesses and start-ups
  • Ascertain the trends in local residents and the current sentiments surrounding their precinct, and discover the desires for the future of their town.

Managed Projects

Renew Australia is flexible in its approach and tailors each project to its community and its stakeholders. Our managed projects include a local project manager who is supported by our national team.

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DIY Renew

Our Affiliate Membership program allows for partial self-management for organisations who have the resources to run the project inhouse.

Consulting Services

Renew Australia offers guidance to its various stakeholders in the form of training, workshops, project management and curation services.

Static and Temporary Activations

Including artistic decals, projection projects, installations and more.


Why Renew Australia?

Renew Australia has developed contracts and insurance systems, engagement and consultation strategies, guides, support structures and a suite of tools to help local communities develop Renew programs and transform their vacant spaces.

Renew Australia strives to:

  • Revitalise streets, precincts and towns that are otherwise struggling or in a period of change, by utilising empty shops and offices for the incubation of creative initiatives
  • Create opportunities for creative and start-up businesses, not-for-profits, and social enterprises to trial their idea with little to no overhead, often in a high profile setting
  • Support the existing Main Street ecosystem by complimenting not competing.

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