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Renew Participants: Art At the Thomas

Art @ The Thomas is an art space that fosters community engagement in art conversations, critique and creative expression. The Gallery space presents an opportunity for local artists to engage with the local community, grow their audience and patronage.

An artist collective built up of Mixed Media artist; Robert Lee Davis, Ceramicist; Cinda Manins and Painter; Rebecca Garfield.



Robert Lee Davis is an international mixed media artist, who works in oil, found objects, acrylic paint, pen and ink, pencil and collage.⁣


⁣⁣⁣As a painter, Robert creates cinematic paintings reminiscent of early colonial coastal cartographic surveys but with miniscule precision. Working across painting and collage he combines formal techniques with newsprint and images from journals and magazines. His work is influenced by the stories and conversations he encountered and the experiences he had during his travels across the continents.⁣

⁣In 2019 Robert was the winner of the St Patrick’s Flanagan Residency Art Prize. Robert has also held solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in the UK, China, Italy, Egypt, UAE and Australia. His work can be found in private collections in the US, the UK, Italy, China, Australia and Canada.⁣

Robert Lee Davis website :

Cinda Manins

Cinda studied Ceramics at Ballarat University (2008 – 2012) with lecturer, Pete Pilven. She developed an affinity for working with Southern Ice Porcelain, her passion grew, and a practice in hand building developed. In the studio she enjoys the challenge of hand building sculptural forms and is interested in experimenting with a range of clay bodies. Her work explores the textural variety clay offers through abstract expressionist sculptural forms.

​Cinda’s artist narrative explores the relationship of humanity to the environment and raises questions about our exploitation of the earth’s resources by envisaging a post human future – After the Anthropocene. She is also interested in representations of the concept of time, contrasting biological and geological time.

Cinda’s website :

Cinda Manias


Rebecca Garfield

Rebecca lives in the inner bayside area of Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two children and their Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Rebecca is a strong believer in living  with passion and purpose regardless of what you do, she grew up in a very creative and inspiring environment with a mum who was a trained art teacher who mastered of everything she applied herself to.  Rebecca’s mum and a few amazing teachers at school and university taught Rebecca a great deal of drawing technique and skill and over the years she have created her own sense of style .

Rebecca’s website :