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Renew Participants: Johnny Brixton

Shayne Hood aka ‘Johnny Brixton’, has been variously involved in the Melbourne creative arts scene since 2011 as a photographer, filmmaker and poet, but through his role as a youth worker and lecturer has come into contact with those needing respite most from mental health issues – and hopes that his work will encourage others in similar situations to gain the confidence to share their own experiences through art.

“My muse is my upbringing, it’s eye-opening to grow up around a dysfunctional family, drug addiction and what others call criminals and degenerates. I wear where I’m from with pride, wherever I walk. I live for the people I lost and the dreams that they once had. It has left me with many mental scars, but I choose to put the pain into my work, instead of into something not so desirable.”

“It’s so important to have an outlet for your thoughts, to express yourself and sometimes leave your innermost thoughts in a safe way – and art is a great way to do that. To now share that with people is scary, but liberating.”

Hood, was named as one of Australian Photography Magazine’s top-10 black and white photographers of 2016 and his recent exhibition ‘Comfort in Chaos’ was featured in Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Australian Photography Magazine and Capture Magazine.